Real Breakfast. Done Right.

The Art of Breakfast

We celebrate breakfast. We live it. We breathe it. We take it really, really seriously and we do the best we can by it. We only serve fresh, wholesome ingredients, we offer as much variety as we can dream up and we serve every dish with respect and love.

Lunch with a Breakfast Profile

All-day breakfast is always served, and lunch items are developed from the breakfast flavor profile. BLTs, Cobb Salads, Burgers with Fried Egg and Cheese, with smoked salmon and a small salad...

Simple is Perfect

We're not here to reinvent breakfast. We're just here to do it right. Don't expect deconstructed French toast or Breakfast won-tons at Stax. We serve the breakfast classics and we do them simple and perfect, the way that they're meant to be.


The difference between a good breakfast and a great breakfast is all in the quality of the ingredients. America has gotten too used to frozen hashed browns and pre-mixed scrambled eggs and we're here to remind our guests how important wholesome, fresh ingredients really are. Farm Fresh, Cage-Free Eggs, locally-raised fruit preserves, real maple syrup, real butter and breakfast meats raised without antibiotics are what make breakfast a crave-able meal.

Our Food Mission

Strong Focus on Variety

At Stax, we honor breakfast by showcasing breakfast's staring acts. We offer variety with classic breakfast categories such as: Eggs benedict, pancakes, eggs to order, French toast. At all times, we have three different farmed eggs to choose from, five different kinds of homemade bread...even our presentations showcase variety. For instance, our oatmeal comes with more than just raisins and brown sugar, but also freshly toasted walnuts, strawberry jam, cinnamon and whole milk. Lazy Susans/condiment vehicles on every table: showcasing variety and choice. A variety of hot sauces, housemade ketchup, giardinaria, infused and real maple syrup, fresh fruit preserves, locally-ground spices, etc.

Classic, Authentic Breakfast Items

Stax is not about "re-ineventing" breakfast or "breakfast with a twist." The menu and experience at Stax is all out celebrating authentic American breakfast classics with as much quality and integity as possible. For instance, pancake variety isn't about "how many crazy fillings/flavors can we add to our pancakes" it's about the perfect Johnny cake. The perfect buckwheat pancake. The prefect silver dollar pancake. For us, the integrity of breakfast is important and we honor that integrity by making classic American breakfast dishes authentically - not gooping them with lots of trendy flavors just because we're trying to be different.

Stax Specialties

Our Coffee Culture

We have a strong belief in strong coffee. And, as such, we have respect for coffee and how our guests are particular about how they like theirs. We serve our coffee in big mugs and refills are always free. Every guest is asked if they would like skim, whole or half and half with their coffee. Cinnamon as well as real sugar, Splenda, Sweet n' Low and Equal are always available.Along with our belief in Coffee, is our belief in coffee culture. We won't fear having weekday guest nurse a cup of coffee after breakfast and work on their laptop (we have free wifi,) or friends/neighborhood young mothers drop in and visit our a cup of coffee in the late mornings or early afternoons.

The Juice Bar

There is an entire juice "culture" at Stax. We take it all very seriously. We never serve juice from concentrate, only fresh squeezed and orange and grapefruit juice is house-squeezed. We serve mixed juices and smoothies in big, see-throughpint glasses (plastic to-go glasses too) with colorful and thick straws - adding to the excitement when it arrives to the table. On Saturdays and Sundays, we have a bus-boy focus on walking the floor with a tray of fresh squeezed juices and offering them to guests (adding juice purchase to the tab, of course....)
We never add yogurt or power powders. It's juice!